What Are The Disadvantages of Online Education?

The disadvantages of online education can be overcome. However, you need to be very careful in terms of institution and validity.

Lack of Technology:

You should also be aware of the latest technology products and developments such as the internet and other tools to be used in online education. This can be a little difficult. It can be particularly challenging for older people or people who have not been involved with technology before.

Another disadvantage of online education is the internet connection. Students with no internet connection or low speed internet connection will have problems.

Teamwork can be difficult:

Contrary to traditional education, in online education, it can be difficult to do group work or prepare homework together with students from different business areas and different cities. Although this can be done with the technology available in online education, it is not like gathering around a table as in formal education.

There may be a lack of communication:

The student and the instructor may need to meet face-to-face on some issues. Since this is not possible in online education, there may be a lack of communication between the instructor and the student.
If you like to drink coffee with your friends or trainers every break or after class, this is impossible in online training!

It can be difficult to audit:

One of the most important advantages of online education methods is that one can determine his own education pace. In some distance learning methods, the training can be paused and repeated as many times as desired. However, this situation can also offer a negative freedom to students who do not have enough desire and discipline to learn. There is no one to control the students who are lazy. So it requires self-discipline. If there is no self-discipline and indiscipline prevails in the classroom, students’ motivation to education decreases.

It can be difficult to determine whether the training institution is trustworthy:

The quality and reliability of online education can vary greatly depending on the institution, course material, and instructor. Nobody wants to receive personal development training from an online education platform that only has lecture notes and does not have lecture videos, homework, exams or other online interaction tools.

Yes, as the number of people participating in online education continues to increase, it is important to review and re-evaluate both its advantages and disadvantages. You should make your decision carefully, considering all the pros and cons. Before starting online education in any institution, check the institution in detail, such as its reputation, reliability, success stories. Because no one wants to spend money and time buying fake certificates!
In addition, we recommend that you do not fall into traps by relying on advertisements such as 3 certificates in 1 hour.


One of the most basic goals of online education is to lighten people’s burdens, even a little. Of course, there are difficulties in formal education here as well. However, with the developing technology and infrastructures in today’s world, it is aimed to bring education to a slightly better level.