What Are the Advantages of Online Education?

Online education is when you take lessons online instead of attending a class, it can be very beneficial in terms of using time efficiently and saving your money. The advantages we will consider are as follows; time advantage, location advantage, technology advantage.

Different learning techniques

In formal education, teaching and learning methods are limited, but in online education / e-learning systems, tens and hundreds of different teaching and learning methods can be possible with digital tools. For example; Information can be grasped better with interactive videos, education can be made more fun with various gamifications, and exams can be made more educational with interesting visuals.


Information or lessons that you can access anytime, anywhere are usually served in short pieces. In this way, you can even make use of the time left between your other works.
Concepts such as absenteeism and attendance, which students do not like, do not disturb students in online education systems. The situation of being unable to attend the training due to working hours, illness, family or special circumstances is eliminated. The desired amount of training can be taken at the desired time.

Access to more people, more data at the same time

In formal education, a higher quality education can be provided only in cases where the class population is less, but there is no such difference in online education methods. In addition, as long as he has a suitable infrastructure (internet, computer, etc.), there is no data restriction in online education.

Eliminates geographic restrictions

The same educational content can be accessed from different countries and different geographies. It reduces the disruption of education in areas with security problems. In extraordinary situations (war, curfew, etc.), the student’s learning can be continued.

Learning method for everyone

Many teachers and students may find it difficult to adopt formal education methods, but the variety of online education methods is endless. In this way, the teacher can find the most suitable teaching method and the student can find the most suitable learning method on e-learning platforms.

Lower costs

For online education, the only needs of the teacher and student are the internet and a computer / mobile device. Today, there is hardly anyone who does not have these devices. In other words, if you have a online learning platform, most of the services you need to provide to the teacher and the student are gone.

Performance increase in students

According to the research of the US Department of Education (1); It has been seen that the performance of students in online education is higher than their performance in face-to-face education. online education / e-learning systems, which are becoming popular day by day, offer more effective learning environments for both students and teachers.

Disadvantaged students

The problems experienced by students with physical disabilities while going to school are not experienced in online education. In addition, these systems provide important conveniences for individuals with communication problems, people who are afraid to speak in front of the community and many more disadvantaged students.