Going to school at home sure is convenient. However there are certain aspects of it that a student must know if they are planning on studying online. Below are some of the information you should be aware of to start your academic career online.

Online Education Programs 

Online higher education offers nothing less than a regular University. You can enroll in any major if you have the academic requirements for it. These majors below are provided at Univaf! 


BA – Business Management

BA – Accounting and Finance

BA – Information Technology

BA -Information Technology-Web Design

BA-Information Technology E-Commerce

BA- Psychology

LLB -Law Hons

BSc (Hons) – Cyber Security


Educational Leadership and Management

LLM – Master of International Business Law

MBA – Strategic Management and Leadership

MSC – Master of Accounting and Finance

Master of Data Science


DBA-Doctorate of Business Administration

Online Education Prices 

Distant learning or Online education has its own way of being convenient to motivate a student to keep learning. A regular tuition fee usually opens a door to opportunities like a physical library, in person appointments with a professor, student gatherings, and so on. You would not be able to experience those factors while going to school online. However, the tuition fees are a lot less as compared to campus life and anyone could use that money to invest in themselves to improve in any field they would like to. They could do a double major or take some extra lessons to learn about other fields. 

Afterall, getting a bachelor’s degree in any major starts from $7,000 to $15,000. Getting a Master/MBA degree starts from $10,000 to $18,000. And getting a PhD Starts from $30,000. 

Check out Univaf.com for more information on tuition fees and other information for each major you seek to pursue!

Online Education Durations 

Earning your degree is the best part about online education after completing your dissertation process. Subtracting the travel time, break in between classes, summer vacations, and fixed class schedules, online school takes a lot less time to be completed. It is in your own time according to your own schedule. And if a student does not fail to complete the requirements on time, they can graduate really quickly. 

Time durations varies for each degree and major when completing it online, but including Bachelors, Master/MBA, and PhD degrees, It takes between 8 months to 24 months to complete your degree, respectively. 

Online Education Intakes

As we know by now, there aren’t class timings nor compressed due dates. All classes are synchronous or asynchronous. And this system allows professors and administrators to enroll as many students as possible. On top of that, Univaf’s goal is to make high quality education affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of their location. Considering these facts, Univaf intakes students 3 times a year! There are sessions available in September, January, and May.