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Eco Friendly Education brings new value and moral to Education world?

Univaf is bringing new value and moral to the education world.

Univaf is a educational platform  that brings environmental awareness and more to the education world. Univaf does this by planting trees and educating people on how to save our planet from pollution with educational partners.

The idea behind Eco Friendly Education will make sure that students are aware of what’s happening around them and how they could help create a better world in their future.



Eco-Friendly Education is a movement that is spreading like wildfire. Most educators are passionate about to be in this new way of teaching for the 21st century. They are committed to educating the next generation in a way that promotes global citizenship’s shared values.

This new model of education will not only create students with deep cross-cultural awareness, but it will also create future generations who understand the health of the planet and have environmental awareness.

It is important for everyone to understand the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, but it can be difficult to convey these concepts in an effective way.

With Eco-friendly education:  every learners and  educational institutions will  bring up the perception about environmentalism while practicing sustainable principles in our daily lives with less pressure on teachers or schools or colleagues, work etc.